How to act in case of lost luggage?

I can’t help but to feel a sense of relief when I see my suitcase on an airport roller conveyor – my luggage hasn’t been lost! When I arrive at a certain destination, I already daydream about sights or being at the beach and the last thing on my mind is finding a suitcase.
But it can happen.


According to a travel handbook about air traffic passenger rights from European Consumer Center I read that “an airline shall compensate for luggage that has been damaged, destroyed or lost, or it arrived late. We can seek compensation for the registered and hand luggage, including personal items.” In the event of a delay at delivery of luggage a passenger is eligible for the return of costs for the most urgent purchases while waiting for their luggage. The passenger must submit original bills of purchased products (most urgent clothings, products for personal hygiene, etc.) to an airline company. The latter applies in case of passenger’s luggage at a location with no permanent residence.

May the airline company loose luggage and it doesn’t arrive within 21 days, a passenger is eligible for compensation. Calculation of substitute considers the age, value and purchase invoices of lost items. Given your luggage has been lost, damaged or destroyed, the amount of indemnification is limited to 1,000 Special Drawing Rights (SDR) per passenger, which is roughly 1,100 Euros.


  1. When you notice your luggage at the airport is nowhere to be found, first head to the counter or to the airport Lost & found office. You are given a form to fill in and its copy.
  2. Within 21 days you are strongly advised to write a letter of complaint about lost luggage, in which you describe lost items and include their receipts. You should always follow the deadline for submission of complaint, otherwise an airline company isn’t liable for the loss.

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