Suitcases – what material is the best?

I love traveling with suitcases of solid shape. This way my items don’t get wrinkled and, what is more, it is much easier to clean them. Not so long time ago I found myself in a situation where I had to buy a new suitcase, and to this end asked about various materials of suitcases.

For the most part, I was interested in persistent suitcase materials so that the suitcase cannot break. It’s a quite common occurrence at the airports where, as we all know, suitcases are dealt with no care. As an explorer eager to travel a lot, I just cannot afford a new suitcase each year. This is why I prefer to buy the one referring to the best price quality rate. I ended up choosing a PC material.

Here is a description of selected suitcase materials:

    • aluminum suitcases are profoundly expensive, but most resistant and reliable.
    • polycarbonate, as a second suitcase material, is also extremely resistant, strong and durable. It is made of thermoplastic polymers, and it comes in different patterns, shapes and colors.
    • ABS material consists of thermoplastic. It’s the cheapest and the least resistant material. Often it is added to polycarbonate suitcases as a result of an ABS+PC combination being stronger (more shock-resistant) and cheaper at the same time.

Concerning the best price quality rate, I chose PC. An ABS+PC combination is a great option as well, but those suitcases are somewhat heavier and not shock- or scratch-resistant to a such an extent. So, what material would you choose?

With you. Your Bloomlite.